‘Young people’ are our nation’s future. They are key influences in building a better society and country. As we realize the rapid growth in technology developments and more elaborated learning methods, more so than ever, our young people truly need to be well-equipped and well-balanced with the good quality of the mind.

World Peace Ethics Club, Thailand, have a goal to promote young people both in Thailand and abroad to learn basic moral principles taught by the Lord Buddha that are universal and accessible to people of any race and religion.  Young people can learn the knowledge in their daily lives.  This will enable them to have good minds and success in their lives with inner peace and can spread this happiness to families, societies and countries.  Finally, it can create love, harmony and true peace.

For this reason, World Peace Ethics Club initiated the First Annual World Peace Ethics Contest (World-PEC) for Young People in Thailand in 2008. The participating students learned moral principles of 38 Blessings of Life from the book “Values Education for Peace” and wrote a “Diary of Inner Peace” of the good deeds they have performed.  WORLD-PEC has been an uplifting success to expand the inner peace for young people starting in Thailand and expanded to Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and India with organizations. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, World-PEC committees insisted on promoting moralities for young people by organizing the online contest. However, in 2022 we will return to our manual contest.


1.To promote young people to learn basic moral principles that are universal and accessible to people of any race, religion and creed, so they have Right Livelihood.

2.To instill creative potential in young people by encouraging positive personal qualities in daily lives, leading to a happy environment in both family and society.

3.To teach young people to become well-rounded citizens in quality and morality, so they can build our society and nation to success, happiness and peace.


World Peace Ethics Club

Students grades 4-12




World Peace Ethics Contest For Young People (World-PEC)
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